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September 10, 2020


5 minutes


1 serving

Healthy Granola Parfait with Fresh Berries & Honey

Breakfast has always been the most difficult meal for me. I never know what to make or simply don’t have the time to make anything. As a result, I usually just end up eating something like Nutella toast, unhealthy sugar-filled cereal or nothing at all. Breakfast is truly an important meal. A nutritious, healthy breakfast can make such an impact on the rest of your day. For this reason, I started looking for really fast and simple breakfast recipes that wouldn’t leave me feeling hungry just two hours later. This healthy granola parfait with fresh berries and honey isn’t some radical new take on breakfast but simply something I wanted to share because it changed the way I approached my own breakfast. With this recipe, I was getting healthy nutrients in the morning on the go and I really started to notice the positive impact a good breakfast had on my days. So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


(serves 1 person)

  • +- 40g (+- 1/2 cup) of your favorite granola

  • 60g (+- 1/2 cup) of greek yoghurt

  • 5 strawberries

  • A handful of blueberries

  • 2 tbsp of honey

  • 1 tbsp of dried cranberries

How to Prepare

  1. Mix the honey and the blueberries into the Greek yoghurt.

  2. Scoop about ½ of the yoghurt into the mason jar.

  3. Core the strawberries and cut into smaller pieces if necessary. Arrange some of the strawberries as well as some of the dried cranberries on top of the layer of yoghurt in the mason jar.

  4. Then, layer about ½ of the granola on top of the strawberries.

  5. Add the rest of the yoghurt, the rest of the berries and finish with a layer of granola.

I like to make this recipe in a mason jar, so I can take it with me to work. I find that if I eat right when I wake up, I get hungry very quickly again. I try to wait at least until around 9am before I eat my breakfast. But you can of course simply make this recipe in a bowl at home, no need to go out and buy a mason jar!

Flavor Tip:

This recipe is my “standard” breakfast recipe, but you can switch it up once in a while. Sometimes I like to add a kiwi or orange slices, other times I might just add mango. Adjust the fruits to your liking and when particular fruits are in season.

Another tip, although it might just be me, don’t pair this with orange juice. I don’t know why, but the combination of this yoghurt parfait and orange juice just doesn’t sit well with me…

Recipe Information





Type of Dish:

Cereals & Granola



5 minutes

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Total Time: 

5 minutes

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